Dystar group

DyStar® Group is a solution provider, offering customers across the globe a complete range of colorants, auxiliaries and services. With the broadest product range on the market, covering almost all fibers and quality specifications, the products comply with international legal requirements and product lists of brand & retailer RSL (Restricted Substance List) compliant products are offered.

DyStar is focused to improve resource efficiency and one of the resource optimization solutions is the new web based DyStar tool – eliotTM, a newly developed, internet based tool for product selection and process optimization in the dyeing process. Currently, eliotTM offers the following modules: Positive Lists, Product Finder, Optidye® and Product Information.

With the objective of fulfilling its responsibility towards the industry DyStar operates in, the company designs and implements innovative systems, products and strategies. DyStar assists its customers in reducing their environmental impact by providing a wide range of sustainable products and ecological solutions for their operations.

The econfidence® program provides assurance that products supplied comply not only with legal, but also with voluntary brand & retailer RSL (Restricted Substance List) requirements. It is an assurance that the recommended products are in compliance with chemical and environmental legislation in each market in which they are sold. DyStar was one of the pioneer companies in the dyes and chemical with established systems to monitor its carbon emissions on group level and with various partnerships DyStar helps improve the dyeing process and reduce the environmental footprint of their customers. Through their partnership with DyeCoo®, DyStar supports the development of technology to use recycled CO<sub>2</sub> gas instead of water to permeate textiles with dyes. DyStar also supported the development of blueXpert, the system by bluesign® technologies to improve the resource efficiency in the dyeing process.

DyStar does not only take measures to reduce their own impact, their two fold sustainability strategy also incorporates to support customers to reduce the impact of their production. Some recent hightlights are:

• The new Levafix® ECO range for exhaust and continuous dyeing of cellulosic. These dyes are a big step forward because they are completely free of p-CA and other regularly controlled amines.
• Dianix® XF2 disperse dyes with outstandingly high wet fastness which are very suitable for active wear
• Recently launched Realan® Black MF-PV for wool that is based on a newly developed chromophore which is completely free of heavy metals. This dye can be used to produce formal wear e.g. business suits, but also for wool which is now often used in Outdoor Wear.

In response to the new industry standards, innovations in the digital printer and printhead technology drove a transformation into an upscale industrial digital printing production. Therefore DyStar launched Jettex® 4.0 – the highest performing digital textile printing inks. DyStar´s new ranges of market leading (Reactive, Acid, Disperse and Sublimation Inks), ultra-intense inks show improved longer life time, user friendly open time for the printheads, with excellent robustness in processing and meet the most stringent ecological and fastness requirements. Based on their Indanthren® Vat dyes, DyStar developed Jettex Vat inks, the first industrialized vat inks on the market which are the fit for the home textile market.

With improved resources, innovations and environmentally compliant dyestuffs, highly experienced process expertise and a solid foundation of textile industry knowledge, DyStar can help its customers face the upcoming challenges and contribute towards realizing innovation and sustainability in the textile supply chain.