At the end of the nineteenth century the first attempts of textile chemists and colourists to join together and work hand in hand in the fast-growing textile industry of the north-east Bohemia region began. These efforts culminated in the foundation of the first Continental Textile Chemists and Colourists Society in 1908. The production of dyestuffs started in the same area and several small producers of textile auxiliary agents supported the tremendous development of textile manufacturing.

Textile chemistry and colouration nowadays are becoming a new dimension – not only as the key to fashion and comfort but also as a tool of textile industry sustainability, and, last but not least, as an extension of new textile materials and fabrics into new technical applications. Environmentally friendly, cost effective and energy efficient flexible technologies that join the tradition of chemistry with high-technologies and that are boosted by new emerging disciplines such as biotech and nanotech, to name a few, need to be communicated.

Let us come and acquaint ourselves with these trends. Let us unite with business partners and friends from our field and enjoy the hospitality of the Pardubice region, the centre of chemistry, horse racing and gingerbread. A kind invitation to visit the modern campus of Pardubice University shall provide us with a good opportunity to engage youth to follow the tradition and to get together with industry representatives – taking in researchers’ most recent innovations.

Let us make the 24th International IFATCC Congress a three-day living space for multidisciplinary professional communication and a multinational partnering event.

The STCHK (the Czech Society of Textile Chemists and Colourists) as the main congress organiser is pleased to welcome your organisation to sign a sponsor agreement for the 24th IFATCC International Congress, Pardubice (CZ). As has been the case with previous congresses, this is a great opportunity for your organisation to highlight your association with the centennial reputation of the IFATCC as a global brand, representing tradition and unfailing care in the sharing of innovations as key instruments of textile sustainability and encouragement in multidisciplinary approaches. Sponsorship of the congress demonstrates your affiliation to the textile chemistry and processing branches.

On behalf of the scientific and organizing committees

Jan Marek